Hot water tank cracked! How to remove?

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Hot water tank cracked! How to remove?

Hi all. I was late in winterizing our camper and the 6 gallon aluminum hot water tank has a 10" crack in it. It's a 2017, 13 footer that we bought new. I called Scamp and they informed me they use a 4 gallon system now and that the hole in the size of our camper is too large to fit the new unit. The model we have is an Atwood G6A-7.

Has anyone taken one of these out? Can it be done from the inside, separate the tank from the heater and pull it up through the hatch, or do I have to remove the rivets and pull it out from the outside with the heating unit? I found a welder who claims he can weld aluminum, so I am hoping he can repair the tank. 

Also the water lines look to be press fitted on, with no way of tightening or loosening them. Should they be cut and replaced with adjustable clamps. Has anyone found a replacement tank that can be used? I would purchase another tank if I could find one. Thanks in advance for any ideas or solutions you can offer. Anthony.


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6 Gal Atwood

It's been a while since I messed with Atwood WH's. Replacement bare tanks were available. But if you have to pull ot your WH I always felt it was best just to install a new WH. Scamp uses A type PEX which they stretch the pipe and ring over the fitting. A type fitting are larger due to higher flow. If you leave enough of a pig tail you can reconnect with a sharkbite or a PEX type B  crimp type fitting. I know of one person who repaired a Atwood tank by welding it. Remember you are dealing with a pressure vessel under about 40 PSI pressure. This could be a small bomb if the tank let go. These tanks are constantly being repressurized and stretched. IMO not worth the risk to weld for a repair. I have had two one gal deck sprayers explode while using and even with a plastic tank they can harm you.

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