Horizontal or vertical propane regulator?

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Horizontal or vertical propane regulator?

Having problems with propane regulator and need a replacement.  The vent on the original regulator from scamp is horizontal.  After researching a replacement the vent should be vertical to allow water to drain. Does anybody know what scamp uses a horizontal vent? 

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What year Scamp is that? Did you buy it new or used? I’m not very familiar with the recent Scamps, but haven’t seen that type of regulator setup. The vent should be facing down as you found in your research.

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I purchased the scamp used.

I purchased the scamp used. It's a 2017 13.  On my last camping trip the flow of propane completely stopped. Replaced the tank and still no flow.  Traveled a 100 miles north and started to working again! Called the manufacturer and had no answers. Only suggestion was to replace it and keep the original one as backup and the vent should be on the bottom.

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On our new 2019 13,  the regulator is mounted exactly the same way. I fashioned a cover for it from a rectangular tupperware container and left the bottom open for venting. once the top is snapped on it is covered most of the way and water intrusion is unlikely. The tank to regulator hose was to short to easily remount horizontally

2019 Scamp 13 standard

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Propane Reg mounting

If you mean WHY instead of WHAT, then I cannot explain since the instructions for these regulators is pretty clear about how to mount them and it is NOT the way yours is done.   I wrote about this before elsewhere so I won't repeat it.. my story is:

My original propane regulator, installed by Scamp, has failed after only 25 months, evidenced by propane escaping from the large (secondary stage) vent. It was mounted by Scamp uncovered and with the second stage vent in the vertical position but everything I read says that the vent should be pointed down, within 45 degrees, and/or covered. I have little doubt that their choice of mount contributed to the short lifespan of the unit.

  • Should I get a similar model and install it as shown in the second photo (with better hose routing than is shown)?
  • Or should I buy a model with a 2ed stage vent at the nine o'clock position (like in the third photo) and mount it on the side of the frame?
  • What about brand? Marshall Excelsior perhaps? Or does it make little difference?
  • Should I buy a cover for the second stage. first stage or both?

Edit: The covers for the Marshal reg are less than $7 for both so thats an easy decision.

PS.. This is not the post I made but instead just part of a series of posts I linked to.  There was more to it but that was edited out without my knowledge. 

Suffice it to say that the propane regs need to be mounted with the vents facing with 45 degrees of down, or covered.  Straight down is best and down and covered is fine.

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Installing my regulator via the instructions:

After my original HORIZONTAL single regulator mounted died, I installed a dual regulator (using the original mounting bracket but repositioned vertical) system option to allow me to use my BBQ tank or any other tank for testing my camper gas system before taking out my camper on the road (this option would not use up my camper's tank propane). 

Here’s information noted on the instructions for mounting my dual regulator. It tells the installer to mount the VENT in the regulator in the DOWN position. Hopefully this will help anyone installing a single or dual system regulator.


Ensure that the regulator has been mounted with the vent pointing downward so that water or debris cannot gather in the regulator.

Click here to download instructions as to the one I have: (Click here)