Help needed (trailer ball height)

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Hitch Height

My experience is that an inch or two either way does not make a big difference for towing. Especially with TV like a Tacoma. You should try to get your rig fairly level for times when you will be sleeping "on the hitch". That is using your trailer while it is on the hitch. But, even if your rig is perfectly level most places you can park wont be level. Most mall parking lots are not level in the hillier parts of the country. (you can park up hill or down to get the best level.) Good luck. 

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I noticed in several of these

I noticed in several of these posts that the tongue weight is on the heavy side even with the 13. I have always stuck with close to 10% of the loaded weight  of the trailer to slightly more but not less. Is there a reason so many are so heavy or just the way it turned out with everything put in the trailer. the extra weight on the ball seems unnecessary and points the headlights considerably higher into oncoming traffic.


2019 Scamp 13 standard