Help needed - Tail lights, four pin > seven pin wiring issue?

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Help needed - Tail lights, four pin > seven pin wiring issue?

Hi all,

I'm new to Scamp life with my young family's first purchase of a 2001 13' Scamp.  We are absolutely in love and look forward to years of Scamping! I tow it with two vehicles, a Subaru Forester (usually) and an old Dodge Dakota (rarely).  The Forester has four pin wiring so I have an adapter.  

My issue is when I'm towing with the Forester my left tail light runners do not work (the blinker does).  When I opened up the Scamp it seems to be wired exactly like the diagram below (thank goodness).  My initial hunch was that the red wire was not getting any power, since the red vs. brown is the only difference between how the two tail lights are wired.   I confirmed this by plugging into my Dakota's seven pin and sure enough, the runners all worked.

Question 1:  Shouldn't the adapter contemplate this?  I understand that there is no red (typically aux wire) in four pin but I figured that's what the adapter was for.

Question 2:  The green wire is what seems to control power to all the other running lights.  That should work in either four vs. seven scenarios.  What is that red wire providing that makes it the deal-breaker?

Question 3:  Would a solution be to splice the brown, have it go to both tail lights, and abandon the red?  It runs right past the left tail light and would be easy enough to do, I'm just hesitant to do ANYTHING that messes with factory wiring.

I don't plan on ditching the Forester anytime soon so I will need a four pin option of some sort.  Thanks for any feedback!


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The red and brown are the left and right turn signal on a standard scamp wiring and the green is all the marker and tail lights. So you don't want to muck with the Scamp wiring.

Not sure why the 4 pin adapter is outputting the way it is, but the simplest solution would be to have a 7pin put on the Subaru.

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