Heater blower will not shut down!!

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Well, through the day

Well, through the day yesterday, the Emerson did function "semi adequately" in maintaining a livable condition in the Scamp. The temperature, however, according to the secondary thermometer would fluctuate between 67 degrees and 74 degrees while the Emerson was set at 70. As I said, livable, but not great. It took a total of about four hours for it to reach this relatively steady state.

I went online and read reviews for this thermostat, and many touted the dead on accuracy of this particular thermostat. Definitely NOT my experience thus far.

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Air mixing in a small space

Once, long time ago, when installing a new thermostat in my house, I got curious what the User's Manual might say. It is not my first instinct to read instructions, I should say right up front. I vaguely recall that it should not be installed on the outside wall of the house, it should not be where the sun can shine on it, it should not be exposed to any drafts, should not be close to the kitchen stove. There may have been more "should nots", but these are what I recall now. The thermostat placement in a Scamp might be a bigger challenge than in a house. I would not expect the trailer to behave as well as a house, with its mass, thermal capacity and a heck of a lot more insulation.

Some of my observations: When I stand in the Scamp galley on the days we use the heat, with the heater behind me, it feels nice and warm instantly and quite hot in a few minutes, but the hot air does not seem to get to the thermostat very fast. Sometimes we prop the shower/bathroom doors open so it warms up, otherwise it stays quite cold.

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Just picked up my new Scamp

Just picked up my new Scamp 16 a few days ago and the thermostat is having EXACTLY this issue!  Just to be clear, this is NOT an issue with where it is mounted, what the outside temp is, setting for F, etc.  I removed the thermostat and brought it into my 68 degree house, where it is now sitting on the table.  After about 15 minutes it has now risen from 44 to 46 degrees.  The batteries were fresh from the Scamp factory, but I replaced them anyway.  BTW - seems to function with the batteries out - built-in capacitor????

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2017 Scamp

We just bought this 13 ft layout 2 Scamp , we are looking forward to taking it on the road Jan 1st ! Hoping to have a lot of Fun with it Camping !!

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2016 Scamp, similar issue

Yes, I have the same kind of issue, which is why I take a nice little $12 electric space heater from Walmart (Pelonis brand) along on any cold-times trip where I expect to have electricity. (Come to think of it, I don't boondock in the late fall/early winter anyway, because electricity is necessary to run the gas heater's fan.) It's lightweight and tiny - fits under the sink quite easily when traveling, one hardly knows it's there - and thermostatically controlled, and fairly sensitive to temperature changes. The heat is more consistent and quieter, whereas every time the gas heater fires up in the middle of the night, it wakes me; and I always get too hot before it shuts off, throwing off blankets, and then having to pull them back on before the heater kicks in again. 

Having said which, when I need to get the trailer warmed up in a hurry, the gas heater sure does the job, while the space heater is better for maintenance. 

If anybody comes up with a better choice of thermostat and idea about its placement, I hope you'll advise the rest of us. 

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Replace it

U saw from another post replacing the Emerson with a Honeywell.  Honeywell TH1100DV1000.  I just ordered mine.