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dumb question for most but does the heater in a 96 scamp run only on lp or does it also require electric or 12 volt to work

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Both LP n Electric

Requires both. Fan and ignition require 12v which is what runs the battery down quickly if boondocking. Heat runs on LP.

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Painting inside Scamp

I am a new member,

    I just purchased a 2018 standard Scamp16 (layout 6).  It has dark cabinets and doors and I wanted to paint them a lighter color so it does not feel like a cave.  Will I have to sand them or can I just paint over the old color?  I really do not want to strip them all off, I was hoping to apply some sort of base coat and then go over that with a lighter color.  Has anyone tried painting over them without having to strip the old color off?

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As already mentioned the Furnace gets its heat from the propane but needs the12V to operate the safety, Control, and fan for both the interior and combustion.  I read it requires around 3 amps continuous while running/heating, This will give you around 25-30 hrs actual heat time with a fully charged Group 29 battery rated 100 AH and this rating is reduced as the temps drop So depending on the temp you want the trailer it could be two days . and all this is a guess that others will have comment. We have gone the weekend in temps as low as 32 deg with no issue. and none of this protects your water system or water heater from freezing.

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