Happy New Owners of 2002 Scamp 16

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Happy New Owners of 2002 Scamp 16

Hi all,

Cliff and I are the very happy new owners of a 2002 Scamp 16 layout 6 with the front bath.We looked for several months and thought we would be driving across several states to finally buy one. Luckily one appeared only about five minutes from my workplace here in Minnesota and although we were 3rd  on the list to see it we were the buyers. We felt like we had won the lottery.

We have tent camped for 40 years (boy does that make me feel old) and had a pop up camper for about 20 of those years. . We have owned the Scamp for two months and have only done a couple of weekend trips. It has been a lot of fun already as we learn which gear we want to use from our existing camping stockpile and what needs to added or changed out.

I have really enjoyed lurking  in the forums and learning from all of you so thought it was time to say hello. Thanks to everyone who shares their knowledge and experience. You have made it much easier for these newbie owners. I also appreciate the people who ask questions because sometimes I just don't know what I don't know until someone else asks the question. Thanks again.