Fridge too cold??

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Fridge too cold??

We have a 2016 16' layout 6 Scamp that we have had from new. We went camping this weekend and had this issue with the fridge. We have the optional Dometic 4.6 cubic foot  2way power Mdl# 2410.2RX. It has always worked fine. This time it worked too good an we were unable to keep things from freezing in the fridge bottom. We were running it on 110 volt power and had turned the dial down to almost off but still would not get above 30* best. Now it was cold this weekend up here in North Dakota with rain. I don't think it ever got much over 60-65 during the days . I am not sure how much of a difference that would make on its running. So anyone have any idea of what is going on or what I may be doing wrong. Thanks  JohnB 

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I wish I'd had that problem

I have had 4 different ammonia absorption refrigerators over the years. All of them ran about 30 - 35 degrees below ambient temperature. On a recent trip to Ohio out side was 90 degrees and refrigerator was 50, I tossed some food as a precaution. As a side note; my wheel hubs run 30 - 35 degrees ABOVE ambient temps.