Fridge door fell off when door was accidentally left open during travel

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Fridge door fell off when door was accidentally left open during travel

We have a 2015 scamp with (new for us) and the fridge door fell off during our first camping trip.  It broke off at the hinges.  Scamp said they no longer carry the parts to repair this year of dometic fridge.  We assume we didn't lock the latch and that caused door to fall off.  Any suggestions on a way to repair this? Or where we can find the parts? The plastic part on both hinges cracked.  

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Dometic Fridge

Contact Dometic. They were very good at getting us parts for our fridge.

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Frig door

Refrigerators take a beating on winding, rough roads.  Heavy things like soda, ice packs, etc. can move around if not packed carefully.  The latch on Dometic refrigerators is an accident waiting to happen.  I drilled a hole through the top frame and into the edge of the frig door.  I put a cotter pin in the hole when we are traveling.  There is no way that the door is going to open and swing while traveling.  I agree with the above comment.  Contact Dometic.

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i have child safety locks on

i have child safety locks on my fridge.  it's 2 "locks" (plastic buttons that you press in to engage/disengage) connected by a ribbon.  one is placed on the fridge door outside, other horizontally next to it on the cabinet wall.  this assures it won't move.  once we are parked, i just remove it.  this is the cheapest solution i found.

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