Frame still resting on shell after floor replacement

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Frame still resting on shell after floor replacement

Hey all -

Thanks for the advice with the floor replacement, this forum is the best! Replaced most of the dinette floor without any major hiccups, except after it was all done noticed shell was still on the frame <sad trombone noise>. Jacked it up under the belly band and everything, not sure what happened (spread the peanut butter resin on too thick?). Regardless, I figure my two options are: a) jack it up again and stick some shims between the floor and frame until it's off the shell, b) roll my dice with the shell on the frame.

Any thoughts?

I know the risk of the shell on the frame is a crack forming, but I'm willing to roll the dice if it's a low probability.


Soooo nice having the rotten wood smell out!


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Same issue

I had the same issue on one floor replacement. Another option is to remove the trim and trim the shell and replace the trim. I thought about doing that but the new glass and resin was on the old trim. I left it with the shell touching. With the new wood and support everything was solid and I had no issues.