Excuse for a Scamp road trip

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Excuse for a Scamp road trip

As if anyone needs an excuse to hit the road in a Scamp... I learned about this couple's blog about their travels on the Lincoln Highway and Yellowstone Trail auto routes and thought it might give some of you ideas for a trip or two as well. They made the trip towing an older pop-up camper. I loosely followed the Yellowstone Trail back from Theodore Roosevelt National Park on my trip last month and it was certainly a more comfortable and relaxing route than the interstate (which I took on my way to get to the park). 

The blog is http://afordonthelincoln.blogspot.com/  if you'd like to learn more about their trip.

I'm also a member of the Yellowstone Trail Association and they've just updated their website with detailed maps of the trail. I know that Wisconsin has a detailed printed version you can pick up along the route and there is also a nice combined print version for North Dakota, South Dakota, and part of Minnesota too. http://www.yellowstonetrail.org/

Happy travels!

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Trip Tips - New and Old

We just returned from a 3250 mile trip from Rochester, NY to visit friends and sights in northern MN and WI, returning home south of the interstates in IL, IN, and half of OH, then along the lake shore the rest of the way from Cleveland. Twenty nights in our 2006 Scamp 16' along with our (bed hog) standard poodle, Paddy.

A few thoughts:

Before the trip, I put on new load range "D" tires which I had balanced, of course. I inflated to 65 lbs. pressure as indicated on the new tires, rather than 50, as on the old and recommended by Scamp. The trailer did not respond well to these new conditions. Eggs broke in the fridge, silverware jumped out onto the floor, and nothing stayed on or under where it was placed for travel. The next morning, when the tires were cool, I dropped the pressure to 60 lbs. Problem solved. I may have given up a little extra load capacity afforded by the heftier tires but travel was once again smooth and tire sidewalls stayed cool with temps in the upper 80°s.

I did not grease the hitch ball before starting out - it looked good enough. Mistake. Before long, the creaking and groaning told me I had to stop and buy a tube of grease to get the finger full I should have gotten from the can at home. Next time, I will grease the ball before leaving home and carry a small container with me. In the old days, I could always get a little from around a grease fitting on the tow vehicle.

Vegetable oil is a suitable lubricant for locks, latches, and hinges. It can also be used to start fires and when mixed half and half with dish detergent, makes a good cleaner for greasy hands after tending to the squeaking hitch.

We saw only three other Scamps during our trip: two 13's going the other way on the road and and a 19' from KY at a campground 60 miles from home.

Lynn and Pam and Paddy

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Wow! Thanks for the

Wow! Thanks for the Yellowstone Trail info. I didn't know this existed and it goes through Northern Ohio where I currently live (I retire in two years, yes!).

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