Electric Brake question

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Electric Brake question

I am new here and am looking for a 13 ft scamp to buy.  

Do they all come with electric brakes?  I suspect not

If I find one without electric brakes, can that be added?  

I have a 2007 Volvo XC70 with a 3300 lb towing capacity and a factory tow package that includes a 7 pin connector.  My next call will be to them to ask about towing.  

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brake plate

At the time I ordered mine (2017) brakes were an option on the 13’ Scamp. They can be added on some axles, the axles need a small square plate for the assembly to be bolted to.

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not so many

Lots were ordered without the Brake option. The square plate described above might indicate the ability . I believe that prior to 2018 they had Dexter axles and 2018 and later are not. We have a 2019-13 with bath and the 10 inch brakes are quite aggresive at times and requires careful adjustment of the controler. But it makes a huge difference when stopping on a down hill or in the rain. Even a sandy corner makes for slippery . Brakes need regular maintenance to work well We pull it with a 2019 subaru and it is maxed out with even the Scamp. 

2019 Scamp 13 standard

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Electric brakes addition

I bought a 2017 13' without electric brakes. Scamp cut off the old axle and welded on a new one with electric brakes. I had an electric brake controller added on my Ford Escape at Radco.