Easy off-season cover

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Easy off-season cover

So you don't have a barn to store your Scamp during the off season? Me neither!  Here's an inexpensive alternative that solves a common moisture problem.  The issue is that with a cover that lies directly on the trailer shell, moisture from leaks or condensation remains between the two surfaces and can lead to mold or other undesirable growth.

Here is a cheap big box store tarp lying over our 13, but notice that there are supporting ribs holding the tarp away from the shell—no moisture trap!

How to make this cover: 1) Choose a tarp size to suit your Scamp. 2) Buy as many pool noodles as there are grommets along the long side. Don't count the corner grommets. 3) Push a rope down each noodle. A vacuum cleaner hose at the other end makes this easy. 4) Tie knots in each rope at the ends of its noodle. Tie a second set of knots where the rope exits the tarp on both ends. Total of four knots in each rope.

I tied the ends of all ropes to two pieces of PVC pipe, one on each side, to hold the cover in place. The pipe also makes a handy way to get the cover over the trailer using a step ladder. No, I do not have a nifty way to access the door, I just struggle a bit when necessary.