Door Gasket Issue

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Door Gasket Issue

We have a 2007 19' Scamp that we are having trouble getting a door gasket that works. I have replaced it once with a gasket purchased from Scamp, but there is still an area where light can be seen around the edge. The RV repair shop has tried several other gaskets, but all have been too dense and the door has been very difficult to latch. Any suggestions?

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Scamp Gasket

I replaced my 19 with the new Scamp gasket they put out a few years back and it has done a pretty good job. I'll check it when I go over today for any areas.

With the aircraft style doors this has always been an issue, even on my Escape. I don't worry too much about it unless the gap gets large then some backing cord usually resolves it. Not sure if that will work on the Scamp gasket, I'll report back on that.

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In 2013, when I got my hands

In 2013, when I got my hands on my 2004 Scamp19, the door had to be pushed hard to latch to begin with. The gap was uneven and after buying a new gasket from Scamp, I spent a lot of time adding soft, double sided foam tape to build up where needed, to reduce the gap. It was abut 1/16 inch thick VHB from 3M. Also I changed from the open cell foam that was used originally at the bottom, to the same gasket. It took a lot of tweaking, but it's been good since. I also had to install a string (parachute cord) that securely keeps the door closed during travel. What was thought at first to be a temporary fix, has also proven itself quite durable.

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