Dometic Refrigerator Parts

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Dometic Refrigerator Parts

We think the Dometic 2.0 CRX65 refrigerator (only 1 year old) in my 2023 13 standard Scamp needs either a new thermistor or circuit board.  It runs occasionally then shuts off and so on and so on.  The compressor light turns orange, as does the service light.  It doesn't run long enough to keep anything cold.  I've watched videos on how to replace both of these parts but I cannot find any parts.  Dometic's website is no help.  Scamp doesn't know what's going on with it either.  Does anyone have an online source?  It is still under warranty however a diagnosis fee that I will have to pay the repair shop is $154/HR.  If it's a simple fix I would rather save the money and do it myself.  Thank you for any input!