Do I need to winterize?

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Do I need to winterize?

Took delivery of my 16' Scamp this weekend (Birmingham, Alabama).  Not planning on camping until I take off to Arizona in January.  If I don't fill it up with water (empty tanks and lines), do I still need to put antifreeze in the lines to winterize?  It's not that cold in Alabama, but we definitely will get below freezing weather in December and January. Thanks.

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I can only guess the systems

I can only guess the systems had some water in them to verify integrity and test. and no matter how much I have tried there is always some water sitting in low places and valves. I would winterize to be safe but thats just me? 

2019 Scamp 13 standard

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Freezing temps

For what it's worth, I didn't winterize mine when I picked it up in February from Minnesota and took it to Wisconsin to park it - no damage. Keep in mind that your Scamp was stored outside in Minnesota before they delivered it to you. Minnesota night time lows have been getting below freezing for weeks. If any damage was going to occur it's probably already happened. 

Enjoy your Scamp!

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Similar question in PNW

I just picked up a used 19' fifth wheel and have the same question. I live in the Pacific Northwest, west side of the mountains, outside of Portland. We'll be storing outside so I have to take winterization seriously. On the other hand, a sustained hard frost (continuing for a few or more days) is unusual, and we plan to do some camping this winter. Thus I plan not to winterize until a real threat of 20-something lows.

So does anyone have experience leaving their trailers exposed to the occasional overnight lows in the 30-32 degree range?

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I just picked up my Scamp in

I just picked up my Scamp in Backus last week. Scamp does not put any water in the system during or after manufacture. They test the integrity of the water system by pressurizing with air, so if you did not put any water in it (including dumping any down the drains) it should not need winterizing. Do look after the battery, and if you do not keep it on a charger, remove the fuse for the propane detector. In mine, it is the 10 amp fuse, the only one.

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When I pick mine up in October

I will ask if it's dry or not, and winterize accordingly.

If not now, when?