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Picture Resizing

Hi Lis,

In post #1 of this thread there is a link for the Windows Picture Resizing Tool. Once that is downloaded and installed you can do one picture or select a whole group right click and resize them all at once.

The best thing to do is to fix the settings on your camera so you're not taking large file size photos. I have mine set to only take photos that are about 800k in size and will upload to most all forums, etc. All cameras, phones, etc. default to ridiculous size pics unless you change it and unless you are a fine arts person you have no need for pics with those resolutions.

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This post gives me resizeing hope!

Do you know what the setting (name) on a camera I should look for?

Greg, thanks again,

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Digital PHoto

I recommend you shoot in JPEG format until you get used to your camera settings.  Later change it to RAW format and you then can edit you image in Adobe Light Room.  It is fairly easy once you are familiar

with the different screens, and adjustment tools.  After a couple months you'll be a pro.  It is part of the fun learning how to use it.  Photoshop is much more robust and requires alot more training.   You can progress that direction depending on your ability and desire.


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Editing and Resizing

If you own a Canon camera they offer a free editing program "Digital Photo Professional" which works very well for most of my editing needs using the RAW format. I then convert the image to JPG. I would think that other camera manufacturers would have similar programs. You can also reduce file size by cropping the image. I like to keep my cameras set at high quality. So if I want a picture of something and want a smaller file size I take the picture from further away then crop the image down to show the detail I want.