David Lebeaux - Lifetime SOI Member - RIP

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David Lebeaux - Lifetime SOI Member - RIP

We received some sad news this week. David Lebeaux passed away peacefully last Sunday.

David was not only a dear friend but one of my family's first mentors in the molded fiberglass trailer world.

Many of our fiberglass friends know David and Leslie from their years of full-timing in a 13 Scamp. They were regulars at the early Quartzsite gatherings and many other events and we shared many memories with David and Leslie. David was the first one to tell me of his plan to always keep moving his Scamp to where it was 70 Degrees, and our Escape 19 is named Seventy Degrees due to Dave's passing his passion on to us.

When we first took the reigns of Scamp Owners International, we interviewed David and Leslie for the second SOI News we published. It turned out to be their last year out at Quartzsite and they retired to a home in Mesa soon thereafter.  Even if you don't know David and Leslie, after reading the article you'll feel like you know these two Scampers!

Interview with David and Leslie - Full Time Scampers 

David, your Scamp is hitched to the Ford Tractor and ready for one last pull!

We send our love and prayers that Leslie can find peace moving forward. We'll always remember David with a smile on our faces.


Greg, Janea, and The Quartzsite Kids

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Thanks for sharing.  Love what they did. 

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Words are not enough

Our Condolences Leslie

Joe and Linda

Joe & Linda
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New here, so sorry to read.

New here, so sorry to read. David sounded like a fun happy go lucky kind of guy. So sorry for your loss Leslie.