Crack in front window

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Crack in front window

Last summer I had a little crack in the front window and now I see it's a 2 inch crack--goes from the bottom middle of the window up.  Is there some easy repair to keep it from spreading?  Sorry if this has been discussed before--I'm sure it has--but I couldn't find it.  And I'm the one who asked a while back about the side lights not working and now I'm a pro at flipping the cover off, checking out the bulb to see if it still works, and if not, replacing it!!  Feeling pretty accomplished at the moment!!:) 

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I am not familiar with the front window as we had the 13 with bath  If Glass I know of nothing to stop a crack If Lexan/plastic Cracks can be stopped by carefully drilling a small hole at the exact end of the crack and then filling the small hole with clear sealer.  . Not the prettiest fix but can work. Used in the aviation industry as a recognized stop gap method.  Do you know how the crack was started?  . 

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