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I was in my new Scamp 13 today, and noticed a puddle of water between the sink and the glass cooktop stove. I can't see where water could have entered from the outside because the ceiling and "rat fur" walls were dry. It was also dry around the window above the stove. I have the backsplash behind the sink and the stove top, instead of the "rat fur". We have had highs in the 50's and lows around 40 lately, along with a fair amount of rain...and the humidity has been high lately. Is is possible that the warming and cooling of the fiberglass counter top could have caused enough condensation to create the puddle of water on the countertop? I have read that people who removed the "rat fur" have had problems with condensation...although the only area I don't have the "fur" on an outside wall is behind the sink and stove top, where the smooth fiberglass backsplash is.

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Condensation is possible...

We use a small 115vac powered de-humidifier and it collected about a pint in the last 10 days.  They arn't that expensive, our's was a referb/return on Amazon.  Might be worth a try.  Another idea is to be inside the Scamp during the next hard rain and verify it's not a leak.

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its from breathing overnight.

its from breathing overnight.  in the mornigns whenever we camp regardless of temp windows have condensation on them.  i just wipe them down wityh paper towels, open the roof hatch and some windows to get air flow and within an hour its fine.  that i a good sign, means yours is sealed up well

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We had a small section at the top of the window above the stove that the caulk was missing when looking down at the top. It would let a little water puddle up behind the stove and if the counter has a low spot it could puddle there.   Possibly the rivet/snap caps that hold up the cabinet. directly above the sink?

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