coleman mach8 cub

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coleman mach8 cub

We have a 2019 Scamp 13 with front bath and optional rear power vent.  it was built with the AC structure and wiring  when it was manufactured for us. We are now considering the AIREXCEL Coleman Mach 8 cub low profile ac 9,200 BTU. It looks longer than the taller  AC i am used to seeing. the model number is 47201A876. If installed where Scamp added the structure and wiring will it likely fit and still clear the rear vent. the roof of the 13 is not all that large of a space. The smaller 9,200 unit should work better with our 2000 honda inverter generator and 9,200 is plenty of cooling for a 13 with bath.  Is there a print or layout where the 14 inch hole would need to be cut to utilize the roof structure.