Campsites for winter migration from MN to FL

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Campsites for winter migration from MN to FL

My wife and I will be towing our new 13-foot Scamp from MN to FL in mid December, stopping overnight every 400 miles or so. Can anyone offer guidance or suggestions on quiet and safe places to overnight along the way?  Ideally, facilities with at least electrical hookups.  We'll be reversing that migration in April.

Updated 2021-11-18: I've learned that KOA campgrounds are open year-round. So if I don't hear any suggestions, I'll just plan to find KOA's at convenient/comfortable intervals along my migration route.

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We migrate with a winterized trailer and chase things down the drain with RV antifreeze. We stop at Cracker Barrels to eat dinner, breakfast and use the facilities. We always ask the manager to say overnight. One Cracker Barrel we stay at requests we not stay overnight in the RV parking spaces since their resupply truck needs the area for their night time deliveries. We stay in the edge of the parking lot in the rear. Traveling during the day should keep your battery charged to run your furnace and a few lights. (Use battery LED pop up lanterns.) Your campground fees will more than pay for your meals. We also use state parks and truck stops along the way but truck stops are noisy. We use big Dude wipes for cleaning up. Once we get to Fl. we go by the State Park to dump or tanks, runs around $10. Some truck stops and Cabelas have pay to dump facilities.


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Destination too?

I have been watching Florida areas too for their overnight lows. I am researching where to go as a snowbird for Jan, Feb and March. Scamps are not winterized for cold weather use. So far it seems if your destination is south of Orlando or Tampa that you won't need to worry about freezing temperatures to the point of freeze damage to the Scamp.


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We joined Harvest Hosts for travel days. Awesome experience so far. We use Cracker Barrels a good bit, but now prefer HH.

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