Building shelves above side dinette

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Building shelves above side dinette

A problem that we had in our 16-ft Deluxe Scamp is that we would place miscellaneous things (e.g., cell phones, chargers, keys, wallets, computers, etc.) on the kitchen counter and in front of the microwave.  My solution to keep the food preparation areas clear was to build shelves on both sides of the cabinets above the side dinette.  I made shelves because I am not skilled enough to build new cabinets that would match the existing cabinets and woodwork.  I made templates for the shelves out of cardboard.  Surprisingly, the areas were reasonably square so I did not have to do much trimming to fit curves.  I bought ½-inch birch plywood from Home Depot and choose a color and grain that matched the wood in the trailer.  I traced the templates on the plywood and cut them out with a hand-held jigsaw.  I also bought a 1-inch wide pine corner trim/moulding that matched the birch and glued it on the outer edge of the shelves to hide the edge of the plywood.  It also adds strength to the shelves and a lip to keep things from sliding off.  I screwed ¾-inch square wood strips (cleats) on the cabinets and walls for the shelves to rest on.  Because I wanted the finish to match the trailer’s woodwork, I asked Scamp if they stained the woodwork and what did they use to cover the wood.  They do not use stain and they use shellac.  I bought a spray can of shellac and it covered well.  The shelves work well for parking miscellaneous things for the night.  However, we do not travel with anything on the shelves.  Attached is a picture of the shelves.

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Great job!

The shelves are fitted in so nicely they look like they should have been in the design in the first place! Your curtains are super cute too.  Ha ha, I love "embellishing" my Scamp, I would be looking for knick knacky things to place on the shelves.  You can anchor them with museum gel...    

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I agree: Nice job!

I agree: Nice job!