black and/or grey water caddy

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black and/or grey water caddy

Has anybody used one of those plastic, wheeled caddies to dispose of black and/or grey water in order to save moving the trailer to the dump station, when you are staying at a site for more than a couple of days? Starting to thing about purchasing one and looking for recommendations. We have a 16' model with toilet and figure on doing more extended stays at places over the next several months, perhaps including some boondocking. These caddies seem to vary quite a bit in size, capacity, and (probably) quality, so experienced advice will be much appreciated, including how and where people store them when not in use.

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Black water caddy

I have never used a black water caddy but I would think they would work fine.  You probably could make your own system with a 5 - 10 gallon plastic tank.  We spend two days on the road traveling to my podunk hometown and use the Scamp toilet and sink instead of gas stations.  There is only one dumping place in town and they charge the same for a Scamp as a huge RV that has been on the road for many days.  I have collected the black water in a 5-gallon bucket and dumped it in the basement toilet.  You can add dawn detergent or black water pellets to the tank to reduce the smell.  When we return, I dump it in a house toilet rather than driving a long ways to a dumping station.  I wash out the tank and put the rest in our woods.  I collect the gray water and put it on young trees that I have planted.  If we stay at a state park, I will dump at their station.  A black water caddy with wheels and a cover/cap would be handy but some are quite expensive for what you get.  I also have used plastic porta-potty bags in the toilet rather than fill water tanks and use the black water.  I dispose of the bags before traveling although new bags will handle some pit stops on the way without spilling.   

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Dump tank and carrier

We bought a 25 gallon dump tank. Which we use the tow handle to pull around a camp ground with a dump station.  I built a carrier for the tank, when we are set up somewhere that is miles from a dump station. I purchased an electric wheel chair carrier from Harbor Freight which is rated for 500 pounds and cut it down to just fit our dump tank. I also hinged it with removable pins to make loading it and transporting easier. We rarely dump more than 10 to 15 gallons combined in black and gray water at a time but I like the to have some margin for error.