Best or favorite portable Generator?

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Best or favorite portable Generator?

I'm looking at buying a portable inverter generator in the 2000-2200 watt range to power up my Scamp 13 group 27 battery when boondocking. 
I know Honda's are kind of the gold standard but they are very expensive. Im looking at something more in $500+\- range. Anyone have any experience based recommendations ?

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portable generator

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I do not know what is the best generator. I think there would be a lot of opinions about that so I won't go there. However, there are a lot of good generator brands out there.

I have a Wen 56200i. It is a 2000w inverter generator that is fairly quiet (but not silent around 51 dB) and has worked well for my purposes. They can be found for around $400, sometimes less. I bought mine from Woot online. They have some good 8 hour sales 3 to 4 times a year. You have to follow their site and be ready to order when you see them on sale. The sales are usually 8 hours or until gone. I think I paid around $350. Other retailers also carry Wen generators so they aren't hard to find.


I have owned mine for 3 years and it has been easy to start and does not require much maintenance. It appears to be well made and receives good reviews. I cannot compare Wen to other brands since this is the first generator I have owned. 


I also have a 200w solar panel which I prefer to use whenever possible and use the generator as a secondary power source. I have $700 in both generator and solar panels. This combination meets my needs and is still less than the cost of a Honda generator.






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Not selling you on the Harbor freight Inverter generator. I researched and some claim they are made by WEN  and seem to work ok. I have a HF 2000 and it seems ok for the money but it did struggle last year in the mountains to run a roof top. If left in the higher speed mode ( Not ECO )  it worked and was around $400 on sale.  But there are more brands out there. to choose from. Just pick something that parts can be purchased for  at least for a while. They are all from China except the Honda.  

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Hi! I do not have experience with a generator, but in doing research, I came across a propane generator from ALP, the only one on the market that is propane only. It is lightweight (about 30#) and supposed to be very quiet. It can run on propane canisters or from the tank on your trailer.Cost is about $500

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This one?

1000 watts is not much of a generator, but it would do the basics.It would make a good back up for charging in cloudy weeks. Back to Harbor Freight, I have spent years in this group promoting harbor freight, but they have changed. No more catalogs, no more coupons, no free promotions and the prices are getting higher. I no longer make regular trips there but when I do I no longer find long lines at the check out. The last time I took something to checkout I got charged a higher price than promoted because I was not a "member".