Battery Booster Very, Very, Useful !!

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Battery Booster Very, Very, Useful !!

I have been surprised at how useful the Battery Booster Box I bought has been !!!

I purchased a Battery Boost / Air Compressor combination and have used the heck out of it around the trailer.

First, let me say that the compressor is capable of 120 PSI, enough PSI for the high pressure trailer and truck tires.

I have used this to power the tongue jack and the trailer's electrical system (battery was dead). I have also used this to test the entire 12v electrical system inside the trailer.

Additionally, I plan to use this as a backup/supplemental battery during our boondocking adventures.

The Air Compressor worked well, and fast, on the trailer tires and even has a built in pressure gauge.

Here is a similar model from Amazon...

Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Built in Compressor

I am really impressed at how useful this little box has been.

Happy Scamping !!!