Anyone tried flexible solar panels attached with VHB tape?

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I was thinking same thing Gordon mentioned that ur usage sounds too high. A 60w panel should cover most Scamps if they are set up properly. Have you read through the solar resource section

and done all the preparation prior to solar panels?

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Flexible Solar Panels

You also need to consider the heat created by the Solar panels mounted directly onto the roof. Solar panels collect the Sun's rays and that means your Solar panel also collects a LOT of HEAT, all that heat gets absorbed into the panel itself and gets radiated directly into your Scamp. In the Winter this would be fine, in the Summer... Not so much.

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Good thoughts about the heat. Flexible panels are very thin so should cool reasonably well from the sunny side of the panel.  It may be a good idea though to put one or two layers of thin reflective insulation under the panels (the type used in home attic spaces).  That should keep most of the heat out of the trailer.

Doug O

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Unless you are going to cover a large percentage of your roof with flex panels, the heat xfer to the camper is not going to be enough to worry about.

The issue with heat and flex panels flat on the roof is two fold, 1. reduced efficiency of the panel and 2. shorter life for the panel or premature total failure.  

An older Renogy panel (RNG-100DB) was even recalled because some caught on fire although to be accurate it appears to be related more to the bending of the panels and the electrical construction rather than any thermal issue.

Arranging for air to circulate under the panel is the universally accepted best practice when possible.