anybody use a hitch adapter?

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anybody use a hitch adapter?

Hi all. I'm trying new configurations to carry a canoe and two bicycles on longish trips, towing a Scamp 16' with a Highlander. We have used a Thule hitch rack on the back of the Scamp without any nightmares, but my plan is to eventually have one canoe on the TV roof rack along with a roof-mounted bike rack (side-by-side, and it does work), and then the second bike on the rear of the TV, using a hitch adapter like the one below. Does anybody have experience with these hitch adapters or others like it, and if so, what can you advise? Thanks!

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Our experience with a similar adapter was good but it was with a yakema bike rack with two bikes and a very light Harbor freight 4X8 trailer of about 1,000 lb. One thing to consider is that there is a multiplication factor you need to use being that the ball will now be double the distance from the original hitch and this increases the effective tongue weight and how this weight is distributed on the rear of the TV.  The bikes is not an issue but the lever action is very significant but it all adds up.  and since a scamp 16 is around 2,000lb and 200lb tongue it needs to be looked at carefully. and possibly talk to E Trailer for advice. 

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