Any info helpful, I'm new at this...

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Any info helpful, I'm new at this...

I have a 2011 Toyota 4Runner and would like to get a 16' Scamp.  I have a hitch, and I know I need electrical hookups for the lights, but what about brakes?

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You need the trailer brakes.

You need the trailer brakes.

Put a brake controller in the 4Runner.

The 4Runner needs a batttery charging wire back to the trailer battery also.  Make certain that that wire has a relay on it so the trailer cannot draw power from the 4Runner battery when you are camping.

Not good to enjoy a couple of days in the boonies then find that the trailer has killed the car battery when you are ready to leave! does he know that????


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What Bob Says

Bob covered your question pretty well.

Welcome to the clubhouse, glad to have you join!

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