Adding a Porch Light

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Adding a Porch Light

Very simple modification is to add a porchlight.  I got the Bargman 34-78-515 #78 Series Porch/Utility Light for approx $8 and a JR Products 12005 White Single SPST On-Off Switch with Bezel for approx $7.50.  Of course, you'll need some good wire, I use a roll of 12ga black and White so we color code the power and ground.

First step is to locate your light and drill three holes.  One for the wire feed, and two for the rivets.  As always put a painters tape over the fiberglass before drilling or cutting so as not to chip.  

Holes drilled and feeding the wire into the closet.

Wire through the rat fur

and mounted

The next installment, we'll cut the switch into the closet by the door and wire it up.