Adding to my “What to bring with list”

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Adding to my “What to bring with list”

On our last camping trip we were camping with  friends who had a  huge fifth wheeler.  On the way home they blew one of the four tires on the fifth wheeler while on the freeway.  Needless to say they were on the side of the freeway for some time before getting underway again.  I had a smaller reflectorized orange safety cone with.  The day after getting the home I added another cone and a yellow reflectorized safety vest to our tow vehicle.  The safety vest was about $10.00 at a big box store near us and I found the cone for $2.00 at a yard sale.  After a situation  like this I highly recommend Scamp owners bring these items with if you have the room. Have a great day everyone!


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Your additions make sense and weigh nothing and being visible in emergency can be  critical to your safety

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And the cones are great using

And the cones are great using to mark where you want to back in at a camping spot.

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