A/C roof reinforcement and install

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A/C roof reinforcement and install

I've seen a lot of talk on here about installation of an air conditioner when you have an older scamp.

well I broke down and made my own tutorial on how to properly install an overhead unit and its easier than you think.

I contacted scamp and asked what they do to make an older scamp able to accept the weight of rooftop A/C, they then told me they fiberglass an area of the roof another quarter of an inch in thickness and that makes the roof solid enough to support the air conditioner.

here is a link to my video. And please don't hesitate to ask any questions you like.

i have also installed pex throughout my camper to replace old hose and hose clamps that would leak. 


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RE: A/C roof reinforcement and install

Video unavailable.  :(

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I think an old roof is bad

I think an old roof is bad not only from the point of view of convenience when installing an air conditioner. I believe that an old roof can cause many problems and therefore it is worth considering replacing the roof. I inherited an old house, and I immediately turned to the Indianapolis roof contractor to find out what needed to be replaced urgently and how to ensure I didn't have any problems with the roof. If you have a leaky roof at home, this can cause many problems, and you should not wait for this moment.