3.0 V6 Ford Escape towing

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3.0 V6 Ford Escape towing

I have been towing my 13ft scamp around with the Ford Escape 3,500 towing capacity for years.  Up and down the Cascade and Rocky Mountains.  No problem except when I use cruise control the enging cant handle it.    

3,500 towing capacity and I kinda have a rule not to tow anything greater than 2,000 lbs  - just to hard on the transmission and I live in the mountains.  


But I want a 16ft scamp - is anyone towing a 16ft scamp with a v6, 3,500 towing capacity?  What kind of issues have you had.   Can the Ford Escape tow a 16ft scamp without ruining the transmisson.



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Sorry but just an opinion but if you have any concerns that pop up with a 13 the 16 is alot heavier and slightly taller so it would be even more stressed and likely over the top for the poor 3.0 escape. 

2019 Scamp 13 standard