3 sided screen kit for 16 awning

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3 sided screen kit for 16 awning

Has anyone added this onto the new Fiamma awning?  If so, could you share what brand you chose and how happy you are with it?  How does it attach?  Thanks.  We are newbies......only camped two nights in our baby.

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Congratulations on your Scamp

Would love to see the new 16 in the wild!

Fiamma site does state they have a privacy/screen room option for some of their awnings.  I'd probably start with contacting them to see if that kit fits the awning Scamp is using since that would probably be the best fitting option.

The screen room question is about half way down the page.


Enjoy the Scamp!


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Screened awnong

Are the screen sides an addition to the current  factory installed awning?  Who makes the them?  and will they fit a 13? If it is not an attachment and it  looks good and the price is right I would like to consider cancelling the factory installed awning we have in the specs  for a new 13 we have on order.  This of coarce is if we still can. Our unit has just gone in production for June 23 delivery. 

We are newbees to Scamp 


Bob and Beth

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