2012 dodge ram pickup, short bed

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2012 dodge ram pickup, short bed

Hello, I am new to the forums, so hope I'm in the right place. I will be retiring next year and have been looking at Scamps for quite some time. My question relates to the 19 ft model. Would I be able to pull it level?  My pickup sets pretty high up. I'm wondering if it's too tall to hook up to a 5er?  I have never owned a travel trailer and am brand new to this, but plan on doing a lot of traveling and camping, so I need to get myself up to speed. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Greg. 

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2012 dodge ram pickup, short bed

You are in the right section of the forum.  There is a discussion of bed rail heights as that relates to Scamp 5ers under the heading of "2014 short bed Tacoma desparately seeking . . . . ."  right here in this thread.   I think it will appear right under your post.  Check it out for more info.