2 New Scamp Camps

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2 New Scamp Camps

SOI is pleased to announce that we've added 2 Official Scamp Camps to the list of Annual Scamp Camps.  These are long running gatherings that have been hosted by the "Scrambled Eggs" group who have been longtime SOI members as well.  They are an awesome Egg group and we are really excited to be able to add their two current gatherings as Official Scamp Camps.  smiley

Welcome to:

  1. SCAMP CAMP Eggs in Egg Harbor, WI June 11-15th 2014
  2. SCAMP CAMP Fall scrambled egg meet - Taylors Falls, MN Sept 18-21st

We'll be updating the reservation status, etc. on the gathering posts shortly. These are excellent long-running gatherings and both are not far from the Scamp birthplace with lots to do and see in the area. We have quite a few SOI members in this area, so we encourage everyone to try and get to one of these Scamp Camps.