1991 Scamp 13 light connections

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1991 Scamp 13 light connections

We just bought a 1991 13 foot scamp (no brakes) and I am trying to figure out the trailer/vehicle lighting connection. Does this scamp have a separate wire for the brakes, or are the turn signals and brakes on the same circuit? I have six wires at the existing round plug on the trailer. Red, yellow, green, brown, black and white. I am trying to go to a 4 flat connection on the truck. Any advice? Thanks in advance.



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I'd recommend you get a 7pin connector wired on the truck. If you still need a four on the truck for something else they have a 7pin to four adapter I use to use for my boat trailer that wasn't expensive.

Brake wire is normally Blue from Scamp, and it appears that your 91 Scamp isn't equipped with brakes. Brakes are an option on the 13's and many don't have them.

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Best of both worlds

Have this 4 pin/7 pin connector installed. It gives you the 7 pin capability, but keeps the 4 pin capability also.


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