1989 19 Scamp Sealand Toilet Model Number

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1989 19 Scamp Sealand Toilet Model Number

Does anyone have a 1989 19 Scamp and have the serial number and model number for the original installed Sealand Toilet.  We need to do some repairs but the sticker is missing so getting replacement parts has been difficult.  Any assistance either with the Sealand numbers or appropriate kit would be gratefully appreciated.

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Our '91 had a Sealand 911-28,

Our '91 had a Sealand 911-28, SN 003338. I can't find the receipt from when I had to get a rebuild kit a year or so back, but there are plenty available (some minor modifications may be required). Dometic bought Sealand out and you will see the model crosslisted as both Sealand and Dometic 911-M28.


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