16' Scamp

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16' Scamp

Anyone out there towing a 16' Scamp with a 3.6 Outback?

Greg A
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Pushing it

2700 lb tow rating would be pushing it for a 16 and not leave much or any margin. I'd be afraid of tongue weight and GVWR leaving not much for payload.

It would be fine for a 13.

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what year and layout is your

what year and layout is your scamp 16?  a lot of the posters on here are extremely conservative with their tow vehicles (i'm not knocking them, just stating a fact).  i think you should be fine if 2700 is your tow capacity.  my 1987 scamp owners manual has a cadillac sedan pulling a scamp 16 ;)

1987 Scamp 16

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towing with 1987 Cadillac Sedan

1987 Cadillac Sedans could tow a Scamp 16.  Most had V8 engines although not a lot of horse power compared to today's engines.  However, they only had to tow at 55 mph because of the Federally mandated speed limit.  They had front wheel drive, which is not as good as rear wheel or AWD drive for towing.