12 volt help

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12 volt help

Was working on some upgrades yesterday and I overloaded the inverter probably even toasted it  now I've got nothing.  The solar still reads the battery voltage same as before.  But I have no 12 volt at all.   I have removed all wiring to check each battery, I did find one blown fuse and replaced it.  Checked all the fuses for the converted none were blown.  Should I charge the batteries and see if that's the issue?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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12 volt help

I do not think it's the battery.Check battery only, and if it has nominal 12 volts, check to see if it is getting to the converter. If it is, is it getting on to the lights?  If so that part is good. Then unhook the battery from the converter, is there voltage at the output? If not start working in the converter area. 120 vac in and still no 12vdc out? It could be a breaker on the AC side or fuse on the DC side or maybe you did cook it. Did it smell hot? Both the converter and the battery should power the lights. Find the missing voltage and trace the wire. Good luck. Let us know what you find.   

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cooked converter

if it is still hooked up to 110v put your hand on the converter you should feel vibration why because there is a transformer in there and they all vibrate or hum.  you should hear that also take you vom set on 12v dc of course put the probe at the output of the converter if no 12v you are done and start looking for a new one!!