Rainy day door keep

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Rainy day door keep

rRainy day door keep

We set up our new awning about 6” forward from the previous location with the idea that we could keep the door open during a rainy day. So the next challenge was to design a simple door keep so the door could be open enough to stay dry and give us good access in and out of our trailer. The design had to be simple enough for Josie to operate and strong enough to keep the door open. I went to Lowes and picked up a piece of ¼”x18” alum. rod and bent it to the shape I needed to hold the door. I first made a mock up assembly to see how it might work and to refine the measurements. Once I was happy with the prototype I simply bent the rod to fit.The door keep works well and has kept the door open and dry throughout the rain today.

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Great Job

Really nice work!  I added this to the Modification table of contents.

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