1st BIG scamp trip-wyoming/montana/glacier HELP

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1st BIG scamp trip-wyoming/montana/glacier HELP

Hi Scampers

Our 13' will be 1 year old this summer and after several short trips (one super one in sedona with the "gang" in december 2014) we are heading out to parts we have never seen and plan to be away for several weeks!! We have reservations in Chyenne for "frontier days" and than heading montana-utah-glacier national park.  (not in that order) anyway, we have tweeked out 13' and ready to go--------any suggestions?  Should we make reservations at Glacier?  Any working ranches that would accomodate us? for a couple of days or horse riding etc? fishing? Any don't miss things?

thanks so much

and here's a nifty bathroom shower "door"---we put/hung a window shade - the kind that rolls up and down on a spring roller- inside on the door frame and it works great-no more shower curtain getting in our way-----


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In Glacier

Hi, we're going to Glacier this summer too. It'll be a our first long-trip with our Scamp 13 that we just got in April. We'll be there around July 6-8. We were able to snag a reservation for one night in Fish Creek Campground on the West side and then made two nights at the St. Mary's KOA on the east side.

We're coming from Seattle so we're hoping to boondock in Coeur d'Alene National Forest for the first night. Does anybody have any boonocking suggestions near there?


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Wyoming and Montana Trip...a couple of suggestions.

Wyoming and Montana Suggestions


After Frontier Days head to Cody for about three days. They have a rodeo every night and the people are kind and friendly. The Buffalo Bill Cody Museum is the best ever, you will love it. If you can be there for 3 and 4 July they have a great Fourth of July parade each day, lots of horses.

There are a couple of good campgrounds in Cody. If you head west toward Yellowstone there are some very nice campgrounds along the Shoshone River which you would enjoy. Easy access to and from Yellowstone. The one we like is the Yellowstone Valley Inn.

In West Yellowstone Montana there is a very nice campground Grizzly RV Park and north of town on Hebgen Lake Holiday Campground is nice and right on the lake, it is about 13 miles back to the Park.

In Yellowstone National Park things you must see are of course Old Faithful. I would recommend that you leave your Scamp in the campgrounds when visiting Yellowstone. There can be some nasty curbs that you will want to quickly pull off to see and animal or two. Also, make sure you travel the Northeast entrance road at least once or twice, you will see most of the buffalo, bears and wolves on that road.

Mammoth area has a ton of Elk. Be careful with them, also the buffalo and bear.

If you head south to the Grand Tetons Park, that is the only place you will usually find Moose. All of the cottonwoods have died out in Yellowstone and the Moose have moved to the Tetons. You will have to be without your Scamp doing this because you would not be able to pull over and see the Moose. Be careful with Moose, they can be mean. If you stop at one of the Visitor Centers the Ranger should mark the two roads that are best to see Moose in the Tetons.

You can quite easily spend a week exploring Yellowstone. It is truly amazing! Enjoy. Jack

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Yellowstone Camping

I camped by all 3 park entrances, and the east is, by far, the best. Past Wapiti there are three forest campgrounds along the river - with electric - that are wonderful! Drive to park is about 45 minutes with lots of wildlife.

There is a forest campground north of Jackson Hole on 191 where there are moose - I woke up in the morning and opened my door to Mrs. Moose staring at me! The bull lives along the river right by the campground.

As far as ranch work - there are lots of unemployed cowboys, so not likely unless you are in the right spot at the right time. But, bartering is still alive and well, so you could give that a try!

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