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Could work for some

I have seen a removable bed extension successully done in Scamps, etc. It would depend on your tow vehicle whether a removable solution would work for you vs a permanent slide mod. IE A removable solution would work for me since I tow with a pickup. What wouldn't work for me is that it blocks the refrigerator and I like a cold water sometimes in the middle of the night. (Sorry honey, I know its 2am, but I have to retract the bed to get a cold water!)

Some prefer not to mess with a bed extension mod, get two footitis and purchase a trailer with a bigger bed. There are bed options on molded fiberglass trailer models all the way up to king size beds.

That's what makes the people so interesting in this hobby, we all adjust and invent solutions that fit our situations. Then we love to come together at Scamp Camps and show them off..... laugh

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Unique bed extension

Well, just to spice things up on the bed extension thread, here is what one person did to add a sleeping area.....

They decided their 16' Scamp needed a bed extension out the back!

(Yes, it probably leaked!)