Battery discharging, nothing is on

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Battery discharging, nothing is on

I came home from a trip with my 13' 2019 Scamp and unhitched, not connecting shore power. Four days later I came back to do some clean up and the battery, which was purchased brand new for this trip, was almost completely drained. My mechanic was able to recharge the battery and certify that it is good.

I have tried to figure out what is draining the battery using a light tester. What I have found is that when I pull the 20 amp 'battery' fuse, the topmost fuse, the drain on the battery stops, probably obvious. It also stops when I pull the second 20 amp fuse labeled 'front of trailer.' Pulling any other fuse has no effect on the drain of power.

What I cannot figure out is what is on the 'front of trailer' circut that is pulling power. I have shut off everything, do not have any clocks, television, etc on board. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

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Do you know the amp draw on the battery?  With the "front of trailer" fuse out you could try everything 12V and see what no longer operates.  Two potential always-on items come to mind, the CO detector and rear view camera.  Also, I think the "Front of Trailer" fuse may include the charge line of the 7-pin connector.