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Fiamma Awning

Good Morning,

New Scamp 16 Deluxe Owner and first time poster!  

We bought a 2023 16' Deluxe (B Configuration) at the end of 2023 to have it ready for use for the 2024 season. So far we're loving it. HOWEVER, I have noticed that the nuts on the insider of the cubbies where the Fiamma is attached to the roof will bead up with water when it's raining out. We're in the PNW so assume it rains. A Lot.  I understand humidity is an issue in every RV (I grew up using a Coleman pop up tent trailer LOL) but it strikes me as odd that this would be the only place where Humidty is collecting. Before I go calling Eveland's and asking about repairs, I thought I would check with the universe here to see if anyone has any insight?

Any other tips or tricks for a new owner also welcome. Thanks. 

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Even with high humidity, I

Even with high humidity, I would guess that that what you see is not condensation, but a slight leak. I would get some clear Lexel and loosen the screws, one at a time and seal them. One at a time will allow you to pull them out enough to put enough of the Lexel on them so the hole gets completely sealed. Lexel is non silicone sealer/adhesive. I have used it on a  lot of repairs.

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Fiamma awning

We notice condensation on the acorn nuts holding the awning, and others holding storage bin, when the conditions are right no matter where we have traveled.  No leaks. 





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