Trailer jack

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Trailer jack

We just got our 19' and was wondering what others use for a jack to change a tire or to block it up to get weight off the axle when in storage.  It's 19-20" to the frame.  I used a bottle jack for my 13' but it was a lot lower.  I want to be prepared.  Thanks everyone.


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Trailer Jacks

I recently sold a 5th wheel and they are much higher off the ground than the 13's. I still used my bottle jack, but put several stacks of concrete flat blocks under it.

These are good for storage,  but would also need the flat concrete blocks or rv blocks underneath.

Remember, never jack or support a trailer on it's torsion axle. You really have to stay on top of tire shops to make sure they don't jack on the axle.

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trailer jack

I also use a bottle jack on my scamp19. It does require extra blocking to jack high enough. I carry an assortment of wood  scraps (2- 4x6x12, 4-4x4x12 and 4-2x6x24) to level the trailer in camp. I have used a combination of these to change a flat on the road.

Check to make sure you can get the spare tire off of the carrier. the bolts are pretty long. My 4way wrench is not deep enough to reach the nuts holding it on. I carry a deep socket to be able to remove the spare.



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Wayne is 100% right. An

Wayne is 100% right. An assortment of wood scraps is useful in all kinds of situations.

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