Leaking toilet: fix or replace?

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Leaking toilet: fix or replace?

I need help deciding what to do about my toilet. My toilet is the 711 M28. It is leaking from the seal that is under the band and half clamp, not where it meets the black water tank or the water valve. The parts will be about $200 if I replace all the seals, the ball stopper, and the water valve. I feel like I could do this overhaul myself.


I can buy a Thetford porta-potti for $140 to $190. If I did this I would have to remove the 711 toilet and black water tank and patch the floor.

Anyone have pros/cons for either direction?

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I vote for fixing toilet

I have never had to fix a toilet in a Scamp so I can't attest to what a pain it would be working on one in a tight space.  However, I really like how our Scamp toilet works.  We initially used to put porta-poti bags in the Scamp toilet because we thought it would be a nuisance to clean the toilet and empty the blackwater tank.  When we traveled during the Covid outbreak, we used the Scamp toilet instead of gas stations, etc.  We like the convenience.  I vote for repairing your toilet.  It might not cost much more put in a new toilet.  If you repair it, I hope it is a easy job.

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Toilet repair

<p>I probably know less about a scamp toilet than any one reading this but I have owned RV's for 50 years and just now bought a SCAMP. My last motor home was a Palazzo, diesel pusher. The toilet broke while getting ready to leave a rally. Something was put under the flush arm and while flushing I heard a crunch sound from the toilet. The internal ball and valve was unhooked from the flush arm. I consulted an RV tech and we agreed the labor to rebuild my toilet was more or close to the price of a new toilet. I went with a new toilet. I am not sure this has anything to do with your repair but it might. Pat</p>

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