Will new rv owners call it quits?

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Will new rv owners call it quits?

I was wondering what a lot of you thought about the future of newer RV owners.  As you know, with all the new RV owners out there, it has become more difficult to find a camping spot in many places without prior reservations.  I think a lot of these people bought an RV, not knowing what they were getting into.  The traditional mass produced stick built campers are notorious for problems, especially leaks that can cause a lot of damage before it is detected.  I think the newer owners, once they start to realize the problems with their RV, and are looking at thousands of dollars in repair costs, will throw in the towel.  And if the RV was financed, it may be junk before it is even paid off.  It would be nice if we could get back to the way it used to be, when we could travel at a leisurely pace and not be stressed out about not being able to find a camping spot at the end of the day.  So, what do you think is going to happen in the next few years?

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That is a darn good question

There has been a gradual increase in camper and RV traffic over the last 5 - 10 years, which is the time we have ben at it. The reservation requirements at State and National Parks also started before the pandemic. I think it was an attempt to save money when budgets were reduced. Over the next 2 - 3 years more and more Park campgrounds managers will discover that significant number of sites need to be first-come-first-served, without reservation. More private campgrounds will emerge outside of the popular Parks. I do not expect this to be a fast change. I also think that many thousands of campers will be slowly decaying in the long term storage lots. 

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RV life is not for wimps.

People that jumped in with both feet because they wanted to live the glamorous trouble-free RV life style may indeed get out of the RV life. A neighbor of mine bought a small stick built two years ago, went out ONCE and sold it the next year. People that did their research and are not upside down in a loan will continue to enjoy the life. As I traveled through the northern Indiana RV kingdom last spring there were already thousands of unsold RVs setting at the factories. For Me? If I sell something this year it will be the Harley, not the Scamp.

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Not Slowing down

Just got back from a month wandering Quartzite, Yuma, Anza Borrego and in Phoenix and Tucson there was not much to be booked. If we hadn't been very familiar with some odd options in the big cities we'd have probably been in trouble.

Good news is ramping up quickly that may help.


I think the other truck stops will get in the game as well and not let Loves run away with this.

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Rinse & repeat...

The little town we live in looks like its becoming a Mecca for RV storage.  Guessing that it's mostly people from the nearby cities that don't have room for an RV at home, and it's probably cheaper in our rural area.

Back to your original question: I think the increase in RV use is kind of permanent, similar to the population increase.  More campgrounds and RV parks will emerge as demand exceeds supply, which is what's happened over the decades -- but it takes a while to catch up.  Just about then something like a huge increase in fuel prices will reduce RV use and sites will be cheap without needing any reservations.  Rinse & repeat...


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Sad to say I for one would be ecstatic if the New RV people would either assimilate and become good neighbors or just sell their mistake and go back to the Hotels thing.  . Both are good and maybe things can get somewhat back to normal. To try to turn the  camping experience into a irresponsible behavior of garbage and left over stuff, bad behavior,when some leave is frustrating along with the small numbers that cancel the reservations after having several  options reserved.   Many grounds are strapped for enough family or employees to handle the added load from those that want to leave like it is the hotel or personal servants. Yes Some are wonderful folks finding a new way to have fun. Just too many are not.  

Guess I am just an old Grumpy guy that wants to go camping the old way?? 

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in my area i'm not battling

in my area i'm not battling those people for spots, i'm battling the retirees who set notifications and book the minute bookings are open (6 months in advance) and then they book out 2 weeks and everything is gobbled up for us working folks.  they sit in their 80 foot motorhome watching tv and never leaving (why go camping in the first place??) but still blasting their crappy country music for all to hear.


i'm going to lesser known/stayed at state parks or other states state parks to avoid this.  i avoid national parks at all costs since there's no hookups and i'm not boondocking with little kids.

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Ever try Hossier National Forest? Their camping at Hardin Ridge does have hookups, no boon docking at all... The National Forest are not the same as the National Parks and its right next door to you...


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i have not done that one, but

i have not done that one, but yes i will do national forest, national seashore, national lakeshore because as you said they have hookups.  thanks for the suggestion

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