What would you keep or change in your scamp?

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mine is an older one so it

mine is an older one so it doesn't have this option but if i bought a new Scamp 16 layout 4 i would get the shower in the bathroom and the outdoor shower.  Simply for rinsing off or emergency uses it would be super useful.

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With a Scamp on order, I very much appreciate your sharing your thoughts on what has and has not worked well. 

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My thoughts after a year

My 13' Scamp is almost a year old, and here are a few things I have added or would like to change.  I think the air conditioner is much too loud.  Even at the lowest setting the fan and compressor are so loud it is difficult to listen to the TV or radio at normal volumes.  I am glad I got one of the last 3 way 1.9 cu. ft. refrigerators, since now the 13 ft. Scamps only come with electric and 12 volt battery operated refrigerators (no propane).  When I ordered mine, the on demand water heater was not an option...I would have chosen that if it was.  I think Scamp needs to update the winterizing instructions for the water lines.  They say to pull the anode rod from the water heater to drain the tank.  Supposedly that will also drain the hot water lines...but I found that to not be the case. With the water heater bypassed, I pumped RV antifreeze through the hot water lines and it took a bit for the water to come out of the faucets pink...which indicated to me that there was plain water still in the hot water lines that could have frozen and caused damage.  My Scamp did not come with a factory installed smoke detector...so I installed one.  I also bought a CO detector as a backup to the factory installed unit.  Being inside such a small space could fill up with carbon monoxide very quickly and not be a good thing if there was only one detector and it failed.  I bought the screens to put over the water heater and furnace vents to keep the bugs out. It would be nice if the vent holes were smaller so added screens would not be necessary.  I still need to get the screens for the refrigerator vents.  I also improved how the Scamp plugs into shore power by installing a twist-lock type outlet on the Scamp, eliminating the "mouse hole".  Pulling the cord out of the Scamp through the "mouse hole" was a disaster waiting to happen since the cord tended to get wrapped around the water lines.

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We have a 2022 13 foot deluxe

We have a 2022 13 foot deluxe, and the only thing I would changes is the clearance - it could be a couple of inches higher for those rougher boon docking roads.  We catch the outside shower water in a tub, but haven't used it much except to clean off mud.

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Didn't take any of the bells and whistles and don't miss them.

Hi, folks.  I have a 2020 13' Scamp with no bathroom but with larger bed and front bunks.  When I bought the Scamp, I ordered the larger bed because I thought my husband would be coming along but he's not into the Scamp.  So, that larger bed could have been replaced with a larger cabinet and floor space.  Ah, well.  I try to depend very little on the battery or propane so I don't have to stress about having enough of either.  I don't have AC, TV hookups or hot water.  Don't miss any of them.  When I'm camping -- I'm not in the Scamp except to sleep or take cover from bad weather.  I cook outside with my 'propane growler' and stove and use rechargeable LED's inside and outside of the Scamp.  I love the furnace and have used it often when the temperature has dipped down.  I have the refrigerator but have only used it once or twice -- I really hate going in and out of the Scamp like a gerbil when I'm cooking.  I bring my Engle refrigerator and keep it in the back of my tow vehicle or bring it out next to the stove when camping.  Less running back and forth.  I have a Goal Zero generator (solar rechargeable!) and use that to charge any of my lights and keep the Engle nice and cool.  I usually deploy the awning because I like the shade it provides.  I have posted in this forum in another thread but I highly recommend getting the 'swing away' jack with wheel.  GAME CHANGER.  The Scamp is so low to the ground and then the fact that the jack stand doesn't FULLY retract meant it was getting dinged all the time on speed bumps and curbs.  Plus, who really removes the jack plate every time?  That's a PITA and I'm sorta lazy.  The swing away is down in 5 seconds and you're done.  I love my little Scamp (aka 'Jellybean') but the one thing I really wish they would do away with is that 'rat fur'.  I mean, dear lord, that stuff is like being surrounded by gnarly insulation!  

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