Advice for Toilet Options

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Advice for Toilet Options

Hi.  We are renovating a 1980 16 ft Scamp. The bath area is to have a toilet and a simple shower arrangement (a canister of heated water under pressure with a spray nozzle).  With regards to the toilet, it seems like the choices are models with detachable tanks on the bottom (cost about $100-$200), or high end no-water electric models that use bags to seal up the liquid and solid waste ($850-$1,100).  Our 2 concerns are odors, and disposing of the waste.  Has anyone tried either of these models?  If so, what are your opinions?  Thank you. 

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I think I read somewhere that

I think I read somewhere that someone on the SOI used a composting toilet and was happy with it. I think nature's head was the brand.

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I'd agree with looking at a composting toilet. You do have to vent the and provide 12v but both should be relatively easy to do.

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We use a "poo bucket" - seat

We use a "poo bucket" - seat on a bucket with a bag of the stuff they sell at Wal-mart for their version of a port-a-potty.  Few oders, but we only use it for about 12-13 hours and try to use campsite toilets hwen available, ours is really jut a back up.

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We use the tall model Porta-Potti, as high as a home toilet.  With campsite facilities during the day, it's good for at least four days for the two of us.  Relatively easy to empty.

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Porta Potti

We have used "porta potti"s for years. Currently, we have three: for the bedroom loft in our cottage, on our boat, as well as in the SCAMP. 

We have found that if you can avoid going #2 in the potti and it is not too hot (80+ degrees), it can be extended for weeks before emptying, depending on how much you put into it (diluting the water and chemical deodorant). Note: If you use it for #2, it can get stinky fast.

We monitor for smells, and empty accordingly. 

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Decision on Scamp Toilet

Hi Everyone who responded.  Thanks so much for your advice and input.  We decided to go with the Thetford Porta Potti Curve Toilet for $190 thru Camping World (cost is for the toilet and tax...they pay for the shipping, which made it a little cheaper than Amazon).  We'll give it a try and if we are not satisfied, we'll look at a more expensive composting toilet.